Robert J. Walsh

Robert J. Walsh has been admitted to practice law in Nevada since 1989 and in Illinois since 1990. Our attorneys generally take all calls from their clients.
Appointment System
Our office is run on an appointment system and on a walk-in basis. You can call to make an appointment after 8:00 AM any morning and usually be seen within one business day. Please try to arrive at your specified time. Emergencies are worked into the office schedule when necessary. We try not to over-book; however, emergencies and disruptions in our schedule occasionally occur. Other appointments are available upon request. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Should an emergency occur after office hours, please call (702) 683-ATTY (2889) for Robert Walsh or (702) 521-7515 for Kenneth Friedman.


Robert J. Walsh is licensed in all courts in the States of Nevada and Illinois. In addition, upon approval from the Court, admittance in other states is also available. (Note: An attorney can assist a client with a personal injury claim without being admitted to practice law in that specific state.)

Our attorneys are trained to handle most legal problems. When appropriate, clients are referred for consultations with other legal specialists. We will also recommend other legal specialists, if necessary.

House Calls
Our attorneys make house calls. These visits are planned in advance at a mutually convenient time.

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